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Lancaster Electricity Prices

Residential electricity customers in Lancaster, Pennsylvania can choose between multiple energy companies now that Pennsylvania has a full functioning deregulated electricity market. Electricity choice has given electricity consumers dozens of rate options to choose from, many of which are lower than the local utility default rates. The local electric utility company in Lancaster is PP&L.

While energy consumers of Lancaster have choices of who to buy the electricity generation from, they are all forced to receive that power through the electrical grid operated and managed by Pennsylvania Power and Light (PP&L). PP&L remains a regulated electricity delivery company who also continue to provide Lancaster energy customers with their monthly electric bill. PP&L also provides default generation rates for those customers who do not choose an alternative electricity supplier.

All electricity customers in Lancaster, residential and business, can find lower electric rates by shopping the competitive market and comparing electricity prices. Those who are slow to adopt to electricity choice are stuck paying high default rates offered by PP&L. PP&L does not profit from the default rates. Instead, the revenues from default rates (Price to Compare rates) are passed on to competitive energy companies. If you are currently a default customer, you are paying a premium on your energy bill. Your electric price can be lowered by shopping for a custom rate for your home.

Below are current competitive electricity prices for Lancaster energy customers. Electric Rates are updated daily:

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